Call for Written and Multimodal Contributions

We invite submissions for our Spring 2020 issue of the Western ABC Bulletin which can include articles on a variety of topics of interest to this publication’s audience; articles on research, teaching, and practice of our profession, preliminary results of research studies in progress, or concluded, successful classroom activities and assignments; professional notes on emerging technologies relevant to business and professional communication practice, teaching, and research; book reviews; relevant software reviews, and notes about scholarly and productivity tools and technologies.

Recommendations are welcome for business and professional communication practitioners, designers, instructors, and consultants whose work might be of interest to this readership. We will invite your nominees to contribute to the Bulletin.

If you have not seen the first issue of the Western ABC Bulletin, please check it out at

Our early submission deadline for the upcoming issue is December 1 but we will entertain submission inquiries on rolling basis.

If you want to discuss your idea with us, please write to the editor at the email listed below.

Mentoring for the development of your ideas is available and submissions from graduate students and new authors are welcome.

Sushil Oswal
Editor, the Western ABC Bulletin
University of Washington