A Conversation with Medha Bakhshi

We conducted this interview with Medha Bakhshi from India via Zoom after the 2021 Virtual Conference of the Association for Business Communication. Sushil: Could we start with a little bit about your background? Where are you located at this time and how you came into business communication? Medha: So first, of course, Sushil thank you for this opportunity and I’m really glad that I got … Continue reading A Conversation with Medha Bakhshi

Professor Turned Radio Guest in COVID-19 Lockdown Era

A major challenge in COVID-19 times is stress, with virus fears, seclusion, social stigma and news acting as triggers. In such times, there are many organizational responses that are deemed promising as future areas of inquiry “to learn about how businesses can respond to broader societal problems” (Bapuji, 2020). One such method was adopted by the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, India (IIM Lucknow). IIM Lucknow, is an AACSB and AMBA accredited postgraduate management institution in India. One of the four older IIMs in India, it has a rich academic history chequered with distinctive social and environmental contribution to nation building. Confronted with isolation and lockdown possibilities for another two months, it was a time for introspection. Could the institute go beyond classroom teaching and make the learning accessible to the general student population? What communication topics would likely to be appealing to the students waiting for their internships and new jobs to materialise? Finally, how could the faculty make a difference to the social landscape in these troubled times? Continue reading Professor Turned Radio Guest in COVID-19 Lockdown Era