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Optimizing Work From Home: Virtual Communication Strategies and Best Practices

Unprecedented times demand unprecedented responses. As communities, businesses, and countries work to lessen the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic many workers find themselves working from home for the first time. This creates new challenges as peers and managers try to develop new ways of working, communicating, and motivating without the benefit of physical presence. Fortunately, some sectors of the economy had previously embraced work-from-home options, or virtual teams. The lessons learned from those organizations can benefit those struggling to deal with a new reality. Continue reading Optimizing Work From Home: Virtual Communication Strategies and Best Practices

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Katherine Breward is an Associate Professor at the University of Winnipeg. Her research is centered around labour market entry for historically disadvantaged populations, with a particular focus on best practices in disability accommodation. Her research has appeared in the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, the Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, the Case Research Journal, and Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: An International Journal. Dr. Breward is also a strong advocate of case-based teaching and an award winning case writer. Cases designed to allow for practice of applied skills and cases designed to increase empathy for “the other” feature strongly in her teaching, particularly in human resource management courses such as “Recruitment and Selection” and “Leadership and Fairness in Complex Organizations”. When not working Dr. Breward enjoys spending time on her 25 acre orchard with her family and a menagerie of pets and reading inclusive science fiction and fantasy. Continue reading Autism