Q&A on Bad News

The students in this pre-business class are immersed in a progressive scenario throughout the semester. The written assignments ask them to build on what they learn very thoughtfully and develop skills sequentially. The idea is to introduce concepts through mastery. I developed this activity when I noticed that students were having difficulty truly embodying the character and voice of their role in the scenario. I imagined that the personal and immediate nature of non-verbal feedback in a verbal exchange could be transferred to benefit the students’ written strategic messaging and tone. Continue reading Q&A on Bad News

Photo by Markus Spiske

Framing is Half the Challenge

As we all know, framing is imperative! On the first day of class, I explain how business writing is very different from academic writing, and I outline the differences. I also ask how many students have had any training or experience with business writing, and the response is always very low. My first outside of class activity is to have them write a brief introduction, including any exposure to this type of writing, and they invariably share their hesitation and anxiety about their writing skills. Continue reading Framing is Half the Challenge