Vice President’s Report

This spring issue of the Bulletin has focused on how the pandemic has affected your professional life and research priorities, how you are coping, adapting, or perhaps even thriving in your new work environment. How you are talking about the pandemic within your professional circles and how your research interests have shifted in response to the pandemic. I want to thank Sushil Oswal and Mikel Chertudi for quickly re-conceptualizing the issue to address the new realities that we were confronted with. This is the very essence of an online journal – to quickly react and serve our professional community by making relevant material available quickly and putting resources at our fingertips. I hope you will enjoy reading it. Continue reading Vice President’s Report

A Message from Regional Vice President, Jolanta Aritz

My goal as a regional vice president is to build our network, share information and ideas, and build collaboration and partnerships within the region. Our Western Region is represented by over 200 regional members from 11 states. The unique strength of a regional network, in my view, is our proximity to each other and the potential synergies it can create. Continue reading A Message from Regional Vice President, Jolanta Aritz