Editorial Team

Sushil Oswal

Sushil is a professor of Human-Centered Design in the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington, Tacoma. His research intersects the field of design, technology, and access and he publishes in the ACM journal, Communication Design Quarterly, Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, Journal of Business and Technical Communication, Kairos, and Work.

Sushil also consults in the areas of accessible user experience (AUX) and inclusive infrastructure design with industry and academia. He is the editor of the Western ABC Bulletin and is a founding member of the Bulletin Editorial Team.  

Mikel Chertudi

Mikel is a senior lecturer in the Business Communication Program at the University of Arizona. As a faculty member on multiple platforms – Undergraduate, MBA, and Executive Education – Mikel is passionate about challenging students to exceed their own expectations of themselves. He draws from experience in start-up business development, international business, cross-cultural communication, and strategic marketing to coach students to success.

As a business person and an expert in Small Business Development, International Business, and Cross-Cultural Communication areas, he carries the hard-won lessons of growing a company through the Great Recession, launching a venture out of the University of Arizona’s esteemed McGuire Entrepreneurship Program, creating and funding business plans, and managing projects through their life cycles, both in academic and business settings.

Mikel’s current professional engagements include the content management and web design responsibilities for the Western ABC Bulletin pages and he is a founding member of the Bulletin Editorial Team.