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Join Us In Laie | Call for Papers

Dear Western ABC members, We are very excited to announce a call for papers for the upcoming ABC Western region conference in Laie, Hawaii on February 16-18, 2022. Our conference co-chairs Ann and Scott Springer from BYU-Hawaii have an exciting program prepared for us as we come together to reconnect, recharge, and celebrate our professional field again – all on the beautiful North Shore of … Continue reading Join Us In Laie | Call for Papers

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Listening and Non-Verbal Activities for the COVID Classroom

Jenny Morse When I started teaching Business Writing and Communication eight years ago, I designed an application-based course with in-class exercises and activities. Peter Cardon’s Business Communication: Developing Leaders for a Networked World, 4th edition, forms the foundation for the course, with students reading chapters before class, so that class time could be dedicated to applying the concepts from each chapter. Students would work in … Continue reading Listening and Non-Verbal Activities for the COVID Classroom

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It Will Work for Those Who Work at It: Communication During the COVID-19 Pandemic

When my little angel was born, her first cry to kick-start lungs was unending. The obstetrician was suctioning her mouth and nose to clear away any mucus, and she was continuously crying. The nurse then cleaned her and she cried louder. Finally, the doctor covered her in a blanket, placed her close to my arms and she immediately stopped crying. I wondered if it was the first sense of security that she developed in this familiar touch when in the fetus, which made her stop crying. I realised that the communication between me and my daughter had started long back. In her growing years, it was amazing to experience how this skin-to-skin contact further built trust between us. Every nurturing touch strengthened her physical and cognitive abilities and her overall well-being. Later, it became the foundation of building a strong attachment between us. Continue reading It Will Work for Those Who Work at It: Communication During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Strange Times

As we get ready to publish the fall issue of the Bulletin, the COVID-19 cases are surging in all the spots on this planet that experienced major lockdowns back in spring. The difference is that the authorities are too precautious to name anything like a lockdown and the public seems to be ignoring both the medical advisors and the virus itself. Some of these responses might be the outcome of this prolonged crisis—both medical and economic. The other culprit is the limited capacity of human kind to stay in an exalted state in the face of an invisible threat that is so close and yet nowhere to be seen with the naked eye. Continue reading Strange Times