Vice President’s Report

The coronavirus pandemic this year brought quite a bit of uncertainty, challenged us to adapt in unprecedented ways, and inspired innovation in all of us. I hope you stayed resilient and are finishing your 2020 on a strong note. I am delighted that our editorial team was able to give us a fall issue of the Western ABC Bulletin that features scholarship in the field of business communication. Our online traffic analysis suggests a growing number of readers and people interested in publishing in our online journal. Continue reading Vice President’s Report

Student at laptop wearing headphones

Student Perspective: Learning Remotely in the Zoom Classroom

I attend the University of Puget Sound, a private liberal arts university on the West Coast which is currently halfway through its first-ever fully remote semester. While the University was forced to hold classes via Zoom this semester due to COVID-19, the change has brought challenges and successes academically for both professors and students. As a student, I have been able to observe first-hand what some of the academic challenges and successes look like in the remote business classroom. Continue reading Student Perspective: Learning Remotely in the Zoom Classroom

This Country Wouldn’t Be the United States of America Without Diversity

The Association for Business Communication Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee serves advocacy, consciousness-raising, and recruitment functions, alerting all members and committees of ABC to benefit from inclusiveness in membership, participation, perspectives, and thinking. This committee helps ensure that ABC meets the needs of historically under-represented groups in the profession and globally, welcomes all members and participants, embraces a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and actively seeks members of all backgrounds. Continue reading This Country Wouldn’t Be the United States of America Without Diversity

Call for Submissions for Spring 2021

The Western ABC Bulletin is the publication of the Western Region Association for Business Communication which publishes research, as well as, pedagogical articles. Its readership is national with some international interest presently (See recent issues at Contributions can come from the fields of business, marketing, management strategy, business communication, professional communication along with work from intersectional fields, such as Disability Studies, Science and Technology Studies etc. That might have bearings on business and workplace communication. The authors are scholars, teachers, and practitioners, some of whom also do interdisciplinary research. Continue reading Call for Submissions for Spring 2021