A Message from Regional Vice President, Jolanta Aritz

My goal as a regional vice president is to build our network, share information and ideas, and build collaboration and partnerships within the region. Our Western Region is represented by over 200 regional members from 11 states. The unique strength of a regional network, in my view, is our proximity to each other and the potential synergies it can create. Continue reading A Message from Regional Vice President, Jolanta Aritz

A place of our own

Editorial: A Place of Our Own

It is my honor to welcome our readers to this inaugural issue of Western ABC Bulletin which represents the work of several of our Western Region members. The collection of articles presented here might appear slim at first sight but it symbolizes the potential we have to produce knowledge—practical, pedagogical, and theoretical—for our field as a west coast group of business communicators—practitioners, instructors, administrators, trainers, and consultants. Our region can develop an identity of its own in business and professional communication with its wealth of technological research, entrepreneurial leadership, and the presence of major business colleges. Continue reading Editorial: A Place of Our Own