Professor Turned Radio Guest in COVID-19 Lockdown Era

A major challenge in COVID-19 times is stress, with virus fears, seclusion, social stigma and news acting as triggers. In such times, there are many organizational responses that are deemed promising as future areas of inquiry “to learn about how businesses can respond to broader societal problems” (Bapuji, 2020). One such method was adopted by the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, India (IIM Lucknow). IIM Lucknow, is an AACSB and AMBA accredited postgraduate management institution in India. One of the four older IIMs in India, it has a rich academic history chequered with distinctive social and environmental contribution to nation building. Confronted with isolation and lockdown possibilities for another two months, it was a time for introspection. Could the institute go beyond classroom teaching and make the learning accessible to the general student population? What communication topics would likely to be appealing to the students waiting for their internships and new jobs to materialise? Finally, how could the faculty make a difference to the social landscape in these troubled times? Continue reading Professor Turned Radio Guest in COVID-19 Lockdown Era

Coaching Students for Video Interviews

As the undoubtedly most impactful societal moment of the 21st Century thus far, the COVID-19 outbreak is having and will continue to have an indelible impact on most parts of American life for the immediate future. People will continue for many months to avoid direct contact with others for fear of contracting the virus and while the economy is showing signs of significant unemployment, some industries are hiring and even growing and the recent change from on campus courses to online courses is an excellent opportunity for faculty to coach students on video interviewing. Continue reading Coaching Students for Video Interviews

Grading in the Time of Covid-19

While I have previously taught online before, this semester has not been like any other I have experienced, or I am guessing, like any of us have experienced. Our generations have not experienced a world-wide pandemic before. Our students are struggling right now and so are we. However, we still want to help our students finish this insane semester. As an Assistant Professor of Business Communication, I have made some specific adaptations during this semester and have received positive feedback from my students regarding these changes. Continue reading Grading in the Time of Covid-19